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   Coffee Almond Nail Scrub
Conditions nails and smoothen rough skin around cuticles. Revitalizes with collagen and skin cell regeneration ingredients.

Apply a small amount of nail scrub to skin around the nails. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with warm water.






   Coffee Milk Nail Balm
Its soft milk extract moisturizes and soothes nails. Coffee oil regenerates skin cells and enhances collagen production.

Apply to nails and surrounding skin. Massage gently to absorb.






   Nail Vita PH Balance
It is a nail primer, which maintains the PH balance of nails at 4.5 to 6.5 keeping them healthy. It removes oil from the nail surface so that nail polish can be applied effectively. Enhances nail growth.

Apply evenly to the nail surface. Wait for10 seconds to dry completely and apply the base coat & nail polish.






   Almond Moisture Nail Essence
Apply on the nails and around the nail area.

A handy nail treatment lotion containing almond oil extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants to prevent brittle and dry nails, making it strong and healthy.






   Carrot Nail Balm
Apply on the nails and around the nail area.

Natural carrot oils with excellent emollient effect gives softness to the nails and skin around the nails.






   Nail Lavender Remover
Moisten the cotton pad and apply to surface. Hold in place for a few seconds and wipe off.

Lavender-scent nail remover helps to remove nail polish without irritation. Contains aloe to nourish nails.






   Nail Vita Base Coat
To apply before your nail color.

Contains vitamins and keratin for long lasting and smooth color application.






   Nail Vita Top Coat
After applying your nail color, apply top coat over.

Top coat with high shine. Contains vitamins and keratin for stronger nails.






   Nail Vita Essence
Nutritious essence to strengthen nails.

To apply when necessary.