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Skin care
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   Lettuce & Cucumber Jelly Cream
Contains lettuce and cucumber extracts with aquaphylin, this gel-like cream provides a refreshing and long lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness, for a clean and clear skin.

After emulsion, apply to face gently until fully absorbed.






   Lettuce & Cucumber Massage
An oil-free fresh massage gel rich in lettuce and cucumber extracts plus vitamin B. Provides moisture and nutrients to the skin. Best used with rolling massage movements to facilitate blood circulation, relax the skin and accelerate absorption.

After toner, apply to face and massage in a rolling movement gently until fully absorbed. Use twice a week.






   Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence
Water-based, it relaxes tired skin with water-rich lettuce and cucumber extracts, collagen and vitamin ingredients. Provides long lasting hydration and moisture retention on the skin.

After toner or Lettuce & Cucumber Massage, apply to face gently until fully absorbed.






   Lettuce & Cucumber Toner
A soft and fresh toner for moisturizing. Water rich lettuce and cucumber extracts provides moisture and vitamins, maintaining clean and clear skin.

Apply evenly after cleansing and gently press with palm to absorb.






   Lettuce & Cucumber Jelly Essence
An essence packed with minerals, vitamins and water rich lettuce and cucumber extracts to ease the skin irritated by UV rays. Collagen ingredients are added to provide moisture to your skin.

Apply evenly after toner and gently massage on face and neck.






   Lettuce & Cucumber Emulsion
A light and fresh emulsion for moisturizing hydrated skin that contains lettuce and cucumber extracts. A moist and refreshing feeling to the skin seals in moisture to prevent dryness.

Apply evenly after essence and gently press with palm to absorb.